Features Every Marketer Needs in a URL Builder

The only digital analytics focused URL builder and URL shortener in the marketplace today!

Bulk URL Builder

Build campaign URLs in bulk by marking the medium/sources and clicking Build URLs. Throw away those old spreadsheets and try the new and improved way to build URLs in bulk.


Google Analytics is integrated so you can visualize your data to compare which campaign was the most successful. Report by goals, campaigns, medium, sources, and more.

UTM Builder & Campaign Management

We support UTM tagging and custom tagging. UTM parameters are perfect for customers using Google Analytics. Custom parameters are perfect for tagging Adwords or for customers using Adobe Analytics.

4 URL Shorteners

CampaignTail automatically shortens every campaign URL that you build. You choose which shorteren to use. (Bitly, Google, Go USA Gov, or CampaignTail)

Branded Short Domains

Connect your branded short domain to CampaignTail to automatically shorten all your campaign URLs with your own branded shortener.

Import/Export URLs

Are you coming from another campaign builder? Import past UTM Campaign URLs. Want to leave CampaignTail? Export your campaign URLs.

Role-Based Users & Access

Your company can assign roles to define users (admins, campaign managers, and campaign builders). Campaign Managers set pre-defined values in drop-downs.

Build campaign tracking codes with ease

Organized, clean, and simple


View Google Analytics data within CampaignTail as we have integrated analytics. Easily visualize campaign success by viewing your top campaigns by goal completions.

New reporting fetures are being released each month! Contact support if you have custom reporting needs.

URL Builder

Now your team can build campaign URLs using consistant standards.

  • Force lowercase
  • Select medium and sources from drop-downs
  • URL Checker to notify if the URL returns a 404
  • Notify if a duplicate campaign URL is generated

URL Shorteners

We have integrated with these shortener services to automatically shorten each campaign URL that you build. Select from any of these 4 shorteners.

Go USA Gov is the recommended shortener for U.S. government agencies (federal, state, and local).

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