URL Shorteners and Link Management for Government Agencies

URL Shorteners

Short URLs have become a staple in online marketing. In particular, short URLs are extremely popular on social media sites. Below we will be talking about how government agencies can take advantage of a URL Shortener. First let's review the basics.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener basically shortens long URLs. Short URLs are primarily used on social media sites where character limitations exist, but short URLs can be used anywhere (email campaigns, sms, video annotations, etc.). Short URLs provide analytics that you wouldn't otherwise receive. They tell you how many people clicked on the link and where people clicked from. Your analytics team can also relate these to conversions to see how successful the link was at driving sales. Below is an example of a long and short URL.

Long: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/230668812142242294/?linkId=20338903

Short: bit.ly/1PsebVd

Vanity Domains

Some companies use short domains that allow their short URLs to represent their brand. For example: American Express uses a vanity URL of “amex.co”. Below is an example of a long URL and a short vanity URL.

Long: https://www.amextravel.com/hotel_offers/seasonalsale

Short: amex.co/1MTu0lP

Government URL Shortener

In 2009, the US federal government launched their version of a URL Shortener called: Go.USA.gov . This allows federal, state and local government agencies to build trusted short URLs. They only accept government URLs (for example: .mil, .gov, .fed.us, si.edu, and state.xx.us URLs).

Since launching in 2009, Go.USA has shortened over 2 million URLs, which generated more than 233 million clicks.

CampaignTail Integrates with Go.USA.Gov

CampaignTail recently integrated with Go.USA.gov to allow government agencies to not only shorten URLs, but to provide a platform to manage their campaigns links. In addition, government agencies can see how well their campaign links performed by viewing Google Analytics data from within the CampaignTail platform. Below is an example of a .gov URL that was shortened using the Go.USA shortener from within the CampaignTail platform.

Government Short URL

Other Shorteners

CampaignTail has a total of 4 URL shorteners that users can choose from. This includes 2 of the most popular URL shorteners: Bitly and Google. Open a free account today!

URL Shorteners
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