23 Apr
17 Nov

Campaign tracking: a crucial tool for marketing success

An efficient and accurate campaign tracker is a vital analytics tool that allows for optimization of your campaign and keeps you on a straight and safe path toward your objectives. Running a campaign without link tracking is like driving through a mountain pass … while looking through the back window.

End of the day, it answers a vital question: Is any of this working?

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29 Nov
21 Oct

What Is A URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is a method to convert a long URL to a short URL using a 301 redirect from the short URL to the long URL.

Short URLs use a series of redirects to route the visitor to the appropriate destination URL.

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28 July

Email Tracking Google Analytics

Email tracking is a great way to track engagement with offsite visitors. Google Analytics offers reporting capabilities to help you visualize email open rates. Most email service providers offer email tracking and integrate very easily with Google Analytics, but if your email serivce provider doesn't offer this feature, then I'll walk you through the implementation.

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6 May

Top 5 Best Practices for UTM Parameters

UTM Parameters help marketers understand where traffic comes from and helps answer questions like:

Which medium & source performed the best?

Which campaigns were successful and what can we do better on campaigns that did not perform as well?

How many conversions did we get from last week's newsletter?

These are valuable questions and finding the answer is not always easy. It's even more difficult if your team has yet to adopt UTM Parameters naming standards. While there is no official W3C or Google UTM standard, it's still important to define naming standards that work for your organization.

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17 Mar

Ultimate Guide to Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

The google analytics platform offers over 400 dimensions and metrics. Most of these dimensions and metrics are used every day and track common things like page, medium, sessions, users, and many more.

What if you need to track something very detailed and custom to your business? You can use events…right? I’m guessing that’s what most people are doing today. Click below to read how you can use custom dimensions to help make better data driven decisions.

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15 Jan

URL Shorteners and Link Management for Government Agencies

In 2009, the US federal government launched their version of a URL Shortener called: Go.USA.gov . This allows federal, state and local government agencies to build trusted short URLs. They only accept government URLs (for example: .mil, .gov, .fed.us, si.edu, and state.xx.us URLs).

CampaignTail recently integrated with Go.USA.gov to allow government agencies to not only shorten URLs, but to provide a platform to manage their campaigns links. In addition, government agencies can see how well their campaign links performed by viewing Google Analytics data from within the CampaignTail platform.

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